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At the age of 15, having finished his studies at the technical high school, Piergiorgio Dettin moved to Milan with his father to work as a manual labourer in a paper factory. The working hours were long and hard for a boy of his age. He only returned home to Schio on Sundays with his father on a Vespa.

After he had completed his 18 months of military service (in the artillery of the Alpini), he started to manufacture boilers using the experience he had gained from working in Milan. And so the firm F.lli Dettin di Attilio was started in a shed he built himself in the garden of his home.

Years went by and in 1956 the first workshop was opened. In 1959, at the age of 24, he married Silvana and four children were born from the marriage.
In the same year, the firm moved to Via Pio X where the head offices are currently located, increasing in size to 100 units. The production of boilers was abandoned to concentrate on the paper and stainless steel machining industries. In the seventies, Piergiorgio Dettin was also a founder partner of the company Demainox based in Zanè. Around the same time he founded the firm D.I.Z.M.A.

He has always managed to anticipate events and aim at expanding markets, leaving behind those in difficulty. The firm changed its business name to Dettin S.p.A. and aimed at the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical markets, honing its experience in machining stainless steel and special alloys.

In the eighties, as a confirmation of its trend to diversify its markets, Dettin launched a revolutionary model of hydroextractor for package yarns called “BERTA”, in remembrance of the bronze statue of “Berta spinning” located in Schio and later stolen. At the moment this centrifuge, the founder member of a family of equipment and installations for the textile industry, suitably updated over the years, is established worldwide and is exported to over 40 different countries.
To date Dettin S.p.A., consolidated by the experience accumulated in over forty years of work and presence on the market, counts major Italian and international companies amongst its customers.

Piergiorgio Dettin is also a Founder Partner and Chairman since 1992 of General System Pack, a company working in the packaging industry.

He was awarded the title of “Cavaliere della Repubblica” in 1994 by Berlusconi/Scalfaro.

He has been Chairman of Tecno Pack since 1998, further strengthening the Company’s position in the food packaging industry.
Today, flanked by his son, Luca, he manages Dettin SpA which, during the course of 2002, invoiced 8,000,000 Euros and filled over 500 orders.

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